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Computing - Tuition

Individual attention, course notes, topic tests and o-level preparation by working past papers...
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The course we offer is intended to help students be able to sit and pass their Matsec Computing exam. The Computing SEC Matsec Syllabus can be found here. This syllabus has both a theoretical and a practical side, and we prepare our students for both.

The practical part mainly focus on programming using the JAVA language. During the course the students will be presented with the JAVA programming language and will learn how to program in JAVA using the computers in our lab or students can also bring their own laptop. This practice will help the students to develop first of all the logical thinking required to be able to program and also be able to create the require project that needs to be presented to Matsec to obtain a maximum of 15% part of Matsec final mark.

The remaining 85% of the exam mark is the written part, the theoretical side. The syllabus mainly focuses on the hardware, software, and computers in society. During the lessons the students will be sustained by notes and revision tests to help in this part of the syllabus. At the end of the course prior to the examination, past papers will be worked out to help in the final preparation for the exam.

Our main interest is the student, graspig new concepts and getting to like this subject! We only take a small number of students, a maximum of 4 per class. This ensures that each student is given the individual attention that he/she requires.

There will be a 2 hour lesson once a week. Tuition is provided by a qualified and experienced teacher in Computing, located in Qormi. If you are interested send an sms on 99942011 or an email on info@rbnlight.info